Collection: Ghoul At Heart x The Punkin Shop

Dive deep into the mysterious union of two Halloween-obsessed souls. The Sweet Tooth Bite Earrings are a hauntingly beautiful collaboration between The Punkin Shop and Ghoul At Heart. It's where the love for creepy and enchantment from Ghoul At Heart meets the ghoulish charm and year-long Halloween passion of The Punkin Shop.

Both Lori from Ghoul At Heart and Lauren from The Punkin Shop have poured their spirits into this collaboration, crafting a piece that echos the rich nostalgia of Halloween memories. Our Sweet Tooth Bites Earrings are just a hint of what's to come. An ode to the spooky feeling in your gut, the glow of jack-o-lanterns on porches, and the eerie allure of Halloween traditions.

So, step into the world where enchantment meets edge, where sweet meets spooky, and where every day can be a hauntingly delightful experience. Welcome to our collaboration. Join us and let your inner ghoul shine!