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Cozy Cookie Coasters - 1 Coaster

Cozy Cookie Coasters - 1 Coaster

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Cookie Coaster

These are listed individually. Each unit is 1 coaster. 

Pillsbury Halloween Cookie Themed Coasters

Journey back to simpler times with our Cozy Cookie coasters. Each coaster captures the heartwarming nostalgia of those classic ghost and pumpkin cookies we all baked and adored.

Crafted with precision, they're the perfect touch to evoke memories of crisp autumn evenings, warm ovens, and the comforting scent of freshly baked cookies filling the air. Ideal for your warmest brews, these coasters are more than just a safeguard for your table – they're a trip down memory lane. So, gather around with loved ones, share stories of Halloweens past, and let the cozy embrace of yesteryears wrap around you.



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